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Understand The Differences B/W Orion DNA Pods & Suorin Air Mods Pods!

Replacement pods combine a tank and a vape coil into one unit for simplicity in usage and replacement. In closed-system devices, pods are prefilled and cannot be replenished. E-liquid and a new coil are included with replacement pods for these gadgets. Open pod systems allow for a number of refills before the need for new coils forces the purchase of a new pod (and coil).

Vape pod kits are well-liked by both inexperienced and seasoned vapers due to their simplicity and compact size. Compared to equipment with big tanks, pod kits are small, simple to operate, and discrete. 

Pod kits are compact, easy to use, and discreet when compared to equipment with large tanks. The operating systems of almost all pod devices are straightforward, but a number of pod accessories now provide inhale activation for rapid vaping on the go. In this very context, in this article, today we shall be talking about Orion DNA Pods and Suorin Air Mod Pods. So, let us get started!

Orion DNA Pods – The Intro!

The first portable device system that uses both the DNA GO Chipset and the features of escribe is the Lost Vape Orion DNA GO 40W (Device Only). The Orion DNA GO offers a 40W maximum boost output in addition to a 30W steady output. The Orion DNA GO’s output level can be changed with a single button press and is color-coded with White denoting low, Blue denoting medium, and Red denoting high. Users can do tasks with reliability while also extending the life of the pod’s thanks to replay mode. Holding down the adjustment button for an additional few seconds turns it on. A built-in 950mAh battery powers the Lost Vape Orion, which can be charged through USB at up to 1A rates. 

For flavor and standard vaping, Orion employs SS 0.5 ohm and SS 0.25 ohm pods, respectively. The maximum capacity of each pod is 2ml of your preferred e-liquid or nicotine salt. The Orion Pods can be removed from the device using the knurled notch on the side. The Orion Pods lock into the device. The drip tip of the pod has an adjustable airflow tube that allows users to switch between mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung pulls. Because it makes use of the chipset we all know and love, the Lost Vape Orion DNA GO 40W (Device Only) is among the most cutting-edge all-in-one pod systems on the market.

Suorin Air Mods Pods – The Intro!

The flat, “credit card”-like the design of the Suorin Air Mod makes it clear that it is a Suorin product.

The integrated 1500mAh battery of the Air Mod has wattage adjustments and a 5-40W power output range.

The pod holds 3ml of juice and includes replaceable mesh coils. The kit comes with two coils that are 0.6″ (25-30W) and 0.8″ (15-18W) in size.

A 0.96″ TFT monitor and adjustable airflow are some of the additional features of the Air Mod.

Along with nine other colors, the Sourin Air Mod is also offered in Clear Silver, Clear Blue, Clear Green, Clear Red, Gunmetal, Black, Sunglow Red, and Rainbow.

The Design!

Suorin is responsible for the Air Mod’s cyberpunk and cyborg influence. It has a solid metal side that has a high-tech appearance and another side with a see-through shell that allows you to glance inside. It appears to be current. However, due to the smooth metal body, fingerprints can’t help but stick to it.

On one side of a 0.96-inch black-and-white LCD, information about your battery life, wattage setting, puff counter, coil resistance, and puff timer is shown. Even with the subpar screen, it would have been wonderful.

Two up-and-down adjustment buttons, a firing button, and an airflow control switch are located on the thin side of the device. The USB-C charging connector is located at the bottom of the gadget.

Like every other product in Suorin’s Air range, the device is slim. It can be flat enough to fit in your pocket or backpack, making transportation simple. Its measurements are 99.6 mm in height, 42.6 mm in width, and 14.1 mm in thickness. It weighs 90 g.

In The End!

We hope that you are now clear about Replacement Pods; Orion DNA Replacement Pods and Suorin Air Mod Replacement Pods. If you are looking for a pair, there is nothing better than these two. 


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